May. 11th, 2017

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I got another 3 mile walk and a 1 mile walk with M. It's been a decent run. The weather has been cooperative (not pouring, not crazy hot).

We had two sitters today, so we went to Moonstones. We had the pork belly croquettes which were ridiculously good -- I'm glad there weren't very many of them because you could really get into trouble with those. The tuna tartare was excellent as was the szechwuan tofu and eggplant. We also got the short ribs, which had a lot of five spice so R. ate most of those. We had a half dozen oysters and the spring rolls. There may have been other food that escapes me now. We couldn't get the steamed buns because of milk powder in the dough. *sigh* R. had a really interesting side car, and a lychee caprinha. I had a couple of "Moonhattans", which is what they call their upgraded manhattan (basically, they use the luxardo cherries and some of the juice from them).

A. had play therapy. She was in a really good mood.

I figured out how to get into the pre-sale list for Imagine Dragons. So there's that. We'll see whether I get access to decent tickets that way, or if I still wind up having to go through a reseller. Would be nice to pay face value more often than I currently do.

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