May. 10th, 2017

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Today was T.'s half day. I got a 3 mile loop by myself and an abbreviated walk with M. (dog lost interest). Then I picked up T., we got coffee at Starbucks. I carefully inspect all the food options for non-dairy choices that are not chips; pretty consistently everything has milk products (they have pb&j -- with string cheese; they have an option with peanut sauce -- they put cream in the peanut sauce. Etc. Place is an allergy disaster -- it's like the people putting the food choices together _want_ to make it so you cannot eat there). I found a vegan one, today! Peas, rice, kale, squash, a tahini dressing and a bunch of salad greens. It was pretty decent, albeit a bit high in sodium. I'd get it again. Here's hoping that Starbucks is finally going to extract its head from its ass and start producing real choices for food. I cannot tell you how many times I brought my own lunch and ate it there -- with their permission -- because there wasn't anything there I could eat.

Then it was off to gymnastics. A., R. and I all scootered / walked over to Julie's Place for lunch later on.

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