May. 8th, 2017

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I had breakfast with my friend A. this morning (no connection to the A.'s of the previous post or my daughter A.) at Blackbird Cafe in Groton. They are going to open a new Blackbird Cafe location in Acton! I think it is where Acton Coffee House used to be, near the CVS at the intersection of 27 and 119/Great Rd. That'll be a nice addition to the options in town.

We walked a bit on the rail trail and had a really lovely conversation. She pointed me at a particularly interesting bit of research.

In mice, at least, the lungs help produce blood platelets -- and that might turn out to be true of more than just mice! We keep thinking we understand things, and then we stumbled across brand new stuff we weren't expecting at all.

I did some laundry and cleaning (roomba, surfaces) when I got home. I walked to the bank to get cash for the two sitters. I walked with M. I never did get around to lunch, but I had snack with M., and a little cole slaw to tide me over to dinner, which I anticipate will be at Red Raven with R. And I did a bunch of catch up blogging and putting things away.

I also had a nice phone chat with R. No more plumbing woes, yay! She had a great conversation with an ex that was not traumatizing for anyone, but a really beautiful catch up on what is going on and make tentative plans for future phone calls. The relationship took a turn R. didn't want it to so she had to cut it off, but had never had any negative feelings about the other party, so this is about as perfect as one could imagine. I'm so happy this has happened. It doesn't work with all relationship endings, but it is nice when, after a break, an evolution can occur to something longer lasting.

And I spent about an hour on the phone making a whole series of dining reservations for an upcoming trip. Definitely a day where I felt like a travel agent.

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