May. 7th, 2017

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I took T. to track. He continues to enjoy that. I had rescheduled my Friday phone call with K. to Sunday, because Friday was so busy. She had also seen Guardians, so we got to talk about that, which was fun. She noted how colorful it was in a bunch of ways that had to do with developments in digital cameras, which I had not known about.

T. and I went to Michael's to get some craft stuff for A., because she really loves it when I bring her some home. This time I got a cheap wooden frame that can be painted, and some things to glue to it. I tried to get things that were in her favorite colors (pink and purple) but generic enough to be used for a birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc. I also got some shirts at Kohl's. Totally forgot to bring the Kohl's rewards dollars I had in the car. Oh well. I did get to use the coupon, because the checker heard T. asking about it.

We went to Applebee's after that, where they kindly helped us get fresh water for our water bottles. We had run out of disposable bottles from Costco, and were using reusable bottles (which we really should be anyway), but T. had consumed all the water (track is thirsty work). He tried pouring from a pint glass and that didn't go well, but it was water and no electronics were spilled on so no harm done. He found the whole refilling the bottle thing traumatic and was saying, "I'm never doing that again." I feel like that gives some real insight into the enduring popularity of disposable that maybe should be thought about a bit. I love how at the airport, they've made refilling water bottles super easy; I wish that kind of bottle refill station were more common. Maybe someday.

Then it was off to the horse. After that, I went for a walk with M. and A. scootered with us. That was a little bit of work to get her out of the house. She wanted a change of clothes and was quite detailed in her preferences. But we got out and around and back in time for a quick snack. Then we went to Not Your Average Joe's in Arlington, with my friend A.'s (Dutch teacher) family. That was a ton of fun. I adore small children, but I have to say I don't miss wrangling my own under 5s at a restaurant. It's so much more fun when they are someone else's. A.'s daughter A. is particularly adorable, but so is R., and they only get more fun as they get older.

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