May. 4th, 2017

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Today I walked with M. this morning, as her usual activity on Thursday morning was canceled. That was nice because on A.'s half day, I often don't get that walk.

She had a play date. We all went to Nara park where the girls played with sling copters, which I had not known about and which are very cool. We ordered some for us later.

After the play date, we went to Acton Arboretum for the Nature Walk that AB PIP STEM does, which unfortunately the guide did not show up, and the group sort of went a lot faster than A. wanted to go -- she wanted to actually look at the numbers on the walk and read in the little guide, and identify plants and so forth. We gave up on the group, finished the inner loop and then went home, since we'd already done a fair amount of walking at Nara. We saw turtles at Nara and at the Arboretum, so that was cool.

A. came home with a second round of homework, which is weird. Other than the reading worksheet (which I'm treating as a duplicate and thus to be ignored), it's just how old is your house and a family tree going to her great grandparents. We got that done, and I put it in her folder in case they actually want it tomorrow. It may turn out to be next week's homework. Homework has been a little erratic lately.

I have a nice phone chat with J. today. I have had a horrible headache for most of the day, which is a bummer, but does happen once in a while. For lunch, I went down to the chest freezer thinking I'd pull out a frozen pizza, but saw a frozen bagged dinner (shitake chicken something or other from Trader Joe's) and made that instead, since I already had a bunch of rice in the fridge. It was kind of salty, but otherwise good. I'm not sure I'll get it a second time, because I'm now the only person in the family who can/will eat this (onion family/picky kids).

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