Apr. 29th, 2017

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T. had another martial arts class. Today, he wanted in the evening to go over what he had been learning and what he would need to learn to earn his yellow belt. So he is taking a more active interest in the process, which I think is really nice. The shoes I used to use in class are working out well for him. His uniform still hasn't arrived.

There are ants in the playroom again, altho in a different place. I pulled up all the tiles and vacuumed both sides of them, because it hadn't been done since the last time we had ants in there (September). These are closed cell foam tiles with bright colors. Grit works down to the floor between the tiles and the cutouts within the tiles and can get ground into the floor, so it needs to be done every few months but is a huge pain to do so we rarely actually do it.

I left the tiles up after, and monitored and continued to vacuum up ants. They appear to be coming from the back corner. I'll take a look later when it is light out for ant colonies on the other side.

While we were clearing out the room, I asked R. to dismantle the Knex roller coaster and box it back up to move along to someone else.

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