Apr. 28th, 2017

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I'm posting this almost a week later as catch up blogging (things happened -- a little foreshadowing here: plumbing and ants were the big distractors). I'm not completely certain what I did on this Friday. I know I had a lovely phone call with my friend K., who is rearranging her day a little bit so that she has defined time to work on her art. I am so impressed that she is doing this, and I feel like I should do something similar (not for art in my case -- it would be writing, or genealogy, or something else that I do that tends to get crowded out by the daily stuff).

This week has been a little nuts, with coming back from vacation, restarting activities, book group, the annual thing at the Lurie Center, etc.

ETA: A. had no homework this week, because I either misunderstood the due date on the interview with a grandparent or the due date got pushed back after she turned it in. Either way, no homework, so that was nice. We did continue reading and finished _The Marvelous Land of Oz_ and started reading _Ozma of Oz_.

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