Apr. 21st, 2017

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After we had breakfast, I walked A. around the block. We chatted. She liked the Boeing Creek park adventure. We packed up and left, stopping at two post offices before finding one still in business so we could get a poster tube for the Real Estate poster for the flight home. We also stopped for gas, then returned the rental car. I had the garden plate at Manchu Wok. A. did not eat the grilled cheese I got her at Africa Lounge (I ate the chips on the plane). T. ate most of his chicken tenders -- R. helped him but A. did not like them either. Plane left on time / slightly early. Arrived somewhat early, but then blew through that waiting for the gate to be available. Lots of flights piled up. But we got our luggage last and trailed out and so missed the worst of the traffic. Had a drink and pb&j when I got home. The less you pack, the less you have to unpack -- who knew?!?! No trouble playing game on the plane. FlyFi was great, sponsored by Amazon for TrueBlue members, did a little research to figure out "delicate mad hands" and "her smoke rose up forever" (a poem to someone in Bedlam and Babylon, respectively).

I miss Seattle and all my family and friends there, but I'm glad to be home. This was the right length of trip, and it was very nice having a spare day or two on either side to prepare/recover. We're thinking about returning August 2018, but are not sure if it will work out or not.

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