Apr. 18th, 2017

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No morning visit. I scheduled an Uber ride to 601 Union (second Uber ride ever -- tipped the same for both rides, first driver was blase -- second driver looked a little shocked. I'm thinking this truly is a No Tipping Culture). I had a brief chat with L. then we went to the Palomino. He will be sending me more research notes. He seems nice -- UW '89 graduate. Talked up ESG investment strategies, which you know, I used to be all excited about until everyone rained on my parade / ideals. Now, of course, millenials are all over the ESG strategy so It Is Hip. Or something. I'll try not to resent this.

I walked home. I stopped at QFC to pick up steaks, A1 sauce, baked fries (after chatting with J. about what to feed everyone), a red bell pepper, mushrooms and a bag of tortilla chips.

The P./C. family came over to hang out. We had a lovely time and a very good dinner of steaks and assorted sides (fries, salad, etc.).

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