Apr. 17th, 2017

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K. came to visit. She is just back from Austria, 9 hours jet lagged. I learned a lot about her childhood in California. She brought beads and a butterfly hair clip craft kit for A., also a pink straw hat.

I scheduled an Uber ride (first Uber ever for me) to UBS. S., B. and I had a nice chat, then a nice lunch at Wild Ginger. B. has a daughter and there is some drama. S. says it doesn't help that she is 6'5". I said, "That would be 5'17"." I took the Link to Cap Hill then walked home.

I had dinner at Ray's Cafe: R., me, T., A., Big B., J., R. and M, S. and R. but not B., H. and P. C. and P. (sisters) canceled day of. C. family canceled day before. K. couldn't make it. D. couldn't make it. We had a very enjoyable 3 hours.

Scheduled visit to T. (father), M. (cousin -- to see her non-profit in Everett), and J. (I get to see the beautiful house!) on Thursday. R. has not kept up with M. and B. (their neighbors, my former coworkers), so they were talking about F. as a baby and I got to say, "That would be A!" Best opportunity and successful line delivery ever. (In retrospect, Monday was apparently my day for this category of story.) Turns out H. knows B., also, from an editing class at the UW. I did not know that. Small world!

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