Apr. 15th, 2017

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We got up at 5 a.m. The car service arrived a little before 6 a.m. There was no traffic to speak of going to Logan. Alaska was in a part of Logan we haven't been in (recently). We checked one bag for $25. We gate checked to the carousel a second bag upon request for more checked bags (no charge). Boarding was uneventful. First row premium but not a full bulkhead. Trays came out of arm rests reducing further the effective width of the seat pan, but tolerable. Leg room was great. Service was good. Bought the fruit and cheese snack/meal for T. and R. had some of it too. Bought 2 containers of M&Ms for A. I had a woodford and ginger ale (no charge for the liquor in premium). R. had the woodford with something else later. Bag retrieval was blisteringly fast, altho we did spend some time in the Sub Pop shop and went to the bathroom (twice, I think). National rental pickup was uneventful -- got a Rogue which made me happy. Had that at the Cape and prefer it to the Impala. T. got a tablet and watched Sing and Rogue One for $10; streaming movies were a different set of movies that didn't include those. No free wifi option officially, but if you turned on free chat, it was enough wifi to play Farm Ville 2 Country Escape which is sort of weird how that worked out -- I couldn't even pick up email, but I could play my game using some but not all connected options (the main market didn't work, but the current game board did work). I brought the G Ro bag, the Sak I bought for the UBS conference (a bigger purse than I would normally carry, most of the way to a messenger bag), the Lewis and Clark extremely thin packable backpack. A. had her scooter bag (Z-Flyte from Amazon) and the lesportsac small world duffle (it got checked at the gate). T. had his Olaf scooter and a string backpack (Red Sox, IIRC). R. brought his big red bag, and his Scooba backpack, so he was still old schooling it. Got in early. Went to Kidd Valley by Green Lake, then Whole Foods, then back to Cap Hill to check in to the rental house by Stevens Elementary. R. and L. visited -- first time meeting L. He's nice. Walked with both. Walked back with R. She had a medical issue later in the day which was a bit of an adventure all around. I was only involved via texting.

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