Apr. 10th, 2017

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I've been on LJ since 2004. Recent events have caused several people to ask me whether I was going to continue on LJ. I figure that might be some kind of sign. That and the fact that the DW to LJ importer has apparently been stable and really good for a few years now.
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Today, I did some laundry and cooked butternut squash soup and made waffles. I had leftovers for lunch (from Friday: salmon and chickpea salad from Red Raven. Yum!). One sitter is one vacation; the other called in sick, so I had both kids in the afternoon. I got email from the clerk at the police department. After a couple exchanges in email and a phone convo, the extremely helpful clerk (who shares my first name -- the R. Club for the win again!) finally went through all the reports for that morning and found it. Neither my name nor my son's name appeared in it, but the reporting person did, so I finally got an answer to that question. It wasn't anyone we know -- just someone in the neighborhood saw something unusual and called it in. It's the sort of thing we crazy white suburban people do, I guess!

I dropped off the Bee's Wrap for G. at the preschool. She had mentioned it favorably on FB, and I never use plastic wrap so I was having a hard time imagining using the Bee's Wrap but it felt wrong just leaving it sitting in a drawer. We've really liked some of the other things from the Mighty Nest subscription a friend got me for the holidays -- especially the wool dryer balls (quiet!) and the produce bags (helpful and guilt reducing).

I finally broke down and started the process of moving my blog from LJ to DW. And I'm so happy I did! Everyone else is, too, apparently so the import queue is long. While waiting for old entries to move over, I put up a new bio and icon (user pic) on DW. I had tacos for dinner; we stayed in.

(A little side note on how cooking in the house works. I hate cooking new things from scratch for one person at a time for one meal. So the waffles are a full batch of the beer batter waffles from my website; I freeze them and A. has them most mornings for breakfast but we all have them sometimes. The taco meat is ground beef and taco packets from Whole Foods. T. is the primary consumer of that -- there is shredded cheddar in the fridge and frozen wraps in the freezer), but I get milk product free taco packets so I can have some when I want some. R. often grills chicken thighs and we have those around for sandwiches, to chop up and put in other dishes, etc.)

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