Apr. 3rd, 2017

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I took T. with me to drop off the car at the dealer to have a look at the check engine light and also do the recall work. Then we went to his dermatologist. Then I dropped him off at school.

I walked with M. (from playdate family and long time friends the B.'s) in the morning and M. (my usual walking partner) in the afternoon. Both were really pleasant conversations and the weather is great today. I did laundry, stripped a couple beds, ran roomba downstairs. I finished decluttering the downstairs hall closets and vacuumed them. I also got more of the size 10s out of A.'s drawers.

She wanted to play badminton when she got home, but she wanted to put on her spring dress first. I got pictures, including in the sun with sunglasses because who knows when I'll see that outfit again. We are both quite bad at badminton but we had a good time until her sitter arrived.

ETA: I finished watching Star Trek: Beyond. I sort of wish I'd noticed Simon Pegg's involvement in that movie _before_ I watched it. It is a really good Star Trek movie.

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