Feb. 22nd, 2017

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Yesterday, A.'s interest in Haunted Mansion was piqued by a girl one year younger than her in line (but taller! this was the DVC family from Queens that I was so utterly charmed by). Today, we tried to ride it and failed a few times before ultimately succeeding. It was down at park open, so we went on Winnie the Pooh -- and rode it through a second time without getting off the ride. We were the first people on it this morning. We also rode Indy standby and then later on a fastpass, walked through the treehouse.

Dinner was at Cafe Orleans, which is a little odd, because they don't have a bar. So I went down to the lounge after we got back to the hotel with T. again. It's getting to be a nice little routine: I get a drink, we get chips, salsa and guac, we talk a little and play on our devices for a while. Altho it is potentially going to come back to bite me, if some of my son's major memories of hanging out with me on vacations is going to bars with me.

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