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T. had school, but left early for a doctor's appointment. The sitter took him. Meanwhile, I picked up A., and took her with me to go get my haircut. After the haircut, we went to the library for the Stuff Animal Picnic, where we were meeting friends of hers for a playdate. They had other friends there as well, so the playdate continued after the picnic (yes, it was juice boxes, water, grapes, crackers and pretzel sticks -- how did you ever guess?) both coloring in the children's library and outdoors at the playground.

I got a walk with M. in the morning.

R. and I had takeout from Ginger Court for dinner. I was still not feeling great, so I had general tso's. I'd cooked some rice and brussel sprouts for lunch, and had that with some leftover steak from the 99's. Their smothered steak tips has way too much meat in it.

ETA: I got all the photos from both parks downloaded (from the stick for Santa's Village and from SmugMug for StoryLand) and uploaded (to Flickr). I still need to do the receipts. My CamStand arrived from Etsy and R. assembled it for me. Very simple and he did have an enlarger easel that would have worked, but this has slightly more adjustments.
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