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Happy July 4th! I hope your pets are okay and your roof is not on fire.

Both of the sitters really wanted to work today. Which was fine by me. A. went swimming, then to Fun World, and then Friendly's.

T. went to Mirror Lake and then Papa Razzi.

R. rode his bike out to Peterborough, NH and back. It was his first century in a long, long time. I think since pre-kids.

I stayed home and did basically nothing. Well, this is sort of a lie. I ran roomba upstairs. I downloaded the iRobot app and connected it to the roomba. I did some other minor cleaning, and I binge watched 5 episodes (I think) of Marvel's Agent's of Shield (I have a couple more to go to finish up the season).

I also went for a walk with M. I'd done a very late night walk around the 3 mile loop the night before, ending shortly after midnight, but I just didn't feel like doing much.

R. and I also went to Papa Razzi. We left while T. and his sitter were still working on their dinners.

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