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I did the short loop by myself and later with M. T. and I went to Applebee's and then the horse.

A. objected to her boots when she was getting ready to go to the horse. I asked R. to step away so I could see if I could debug the situation. We last put these boots on two weeks ago; they were fine then when the previous pair no longer fit. Alas, my kids seem to hit an age where they are moving through shoe sizes in unpredictable and rapid ways. We solved today's problem by removing the socks (they were thin, but no socks was thinner still).

After she left, I spent entirely too much time on Amazon, Zappos and a few horse-y sites (forums and places with "saddlery" in the name). I ultimately ordered her the largest of the kids Blundstones (in purple! Supposedly equivalent to a US 4-4.5) and the smallest of the women's Ariat round toe paddock boots (zip heritage something or other I think). Hopefully, one of them will work. Length is not a problem; it is width specifically in the toe box which is the issue. R. is of the opinion she should just suck it up. I however have a long time bestie who used to have to "suck it up" when her feet were growing too fast for her parental equivalent to purchase correctly sized ice skates. The results probably had a life long impact on the shape of her feet.

It is annoying (and not that cheap) to have to buy the next size up so rapidly. But I keep thinking, you know, this isn't going to happen for that many more years. She _will_ stabilize. And it would be nice if she could get to that stable point without permanent modifications to the natural growth of her feet along the way (and yes, I get that just wearing shoes changes your feet -- believe me, I've spent months at a time only wearing shoes a few hours a day if that, so I'm pretty clear on the difference between wearing and not wearing. But there are gradations to this phenomenon between reshaping bone vs. how thick the callous is on your heel and the ball of your foot).

We had dinner at home.

I finally spent the time tracking down a plausible phone stand for a batch digitization project I've been thinking of undertaking. I have absolutely _zero_ desire to do this using a traditional scanner. OMG the nightmare of taking a bunch of randomly sized but definitely smaller than 8.5x11 bits of paper, arranging them attractively and then scanning in a scanner. No. Thank. You. But phone pictures are okay -- I just have enough of a tremor I don't feel like trying to compensate while doing this manually. I ordered a CamStand Scanboard; now I'll just have to get the lighting to something reasonable. I may wind up having to order a screen, but I've been thinking about doing that anyway, to guarantee a neutral / don't expose the contents of the house background for photos anyway. Shopping for that actually took longer than shopping for the paddock boots. And both activities really reminded me of the difference between online retail and bricks and mortar. Decades ago, I probably would have had someone build me something (so I want a c clamp, and a neutral background for the support and height adjustment would be nice . . .) for the scanning project, or just sucked it up and put up with an ordinary scanner -- or just let the files sit in paper form forever. The paddock boots probably would have involved going to a couple specialty stores, having them special order a few things, try them on when they arrived and then walk out of the store a month or more later with something that I was reasonably certain would fit. Now, even tho it took a half an hour or more for each shopping project, the results will arrive relatively soon, and if they don't work out, I'll just have to iterate until they do.

ETA: I did the long loop by myself starting at around 9:30 or 10. For the first 20 minutes, it was perfect. Cool, but still comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt, not terribly muggy. Alas, right around when I got to the rail road tracks on Central street, it started raining. The "light rain" that didn't look like much on the radar was not particularly light. It paused a couple times, but it never stopped. I came home completely soaked. Good news: because I was moving at a good rate, and it never got much colder, I wasn't actually chilled or anything. And my various electronics survived just fine (headphones, phone, watch). Also, nobody else was out walking, not even the usual dog walkers. I was the only idiot out there.

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