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I took T. to Target in the morning. The dojo was closed for the holiday weekend. I bought a bunch of clothes for A. Then I emptied a lot of the remaining 10/12s from her closet and drawers, and packaged them up to take to the B. household where we were going for a playdate in the afternoon.

R. took T. to Costco, and also to the tile place in Natick to pick up our order of shower tile and so forth which had been sitting there for a while.

Then we all went over to the B. household. We had smoke salmon, cheese (okay, not me!), and baguette slices for starter along with drinks. The kids played with the sprinkler and then detached the hose and used it to create a water slide on the play structure in the back yard. Burgers for dinner and lots of great conversation. I always have a great time with them and this was yet another shining example of why I adore the whole family. And am so happy they moved to Massachusetts because when they still lived in Merrimack, NH, it was a really long way to go.

Happy Canada Day! 150th anniversary. Funny story, in a town that shall remain nameless and at a location I will not mention due to recognizability, the Canadian consulate called the private company which runs the highly recognizable location late in the afternoon (around 4:30 or so -- a half an hour before the office part of the company closes up for the day, before a holiday weekend). Could this landmark in this town pretty please fly the Canadian flag for Canada Day? Not this year, sweetie. The logistics would be insane -- the landmark in question is over 600' tall, meaning the size of the flag required to even be visible up there is a little nuts.

R. and I both have lots of Canadian relatives (his are French Canadian and mine are Mennonites). We honeymooned in Canada. But goddess above, a little pre-planning on that would have been so much better.

Apparently, this Canada Day generated a lot of Maple Leaf sales, very much unlike in general/the 125th anniversary. The thinking is that maybe the stark popularity difference of the leaders might have something to do with it.
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