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I tinkered a bit today. I _think_ I managed to do the OpenID merge between LJ and DW. It may take a while to complete. I also figured out a way to download the Imagine Dragons pre-order from the Imagine Dragons website. I hate doing this -- it doesn't work well between my webmail from my service provider and iTunes. I'd rather buy it on iTunes. However, I pre-ordered in order to get access to the early ticket sales for the concert (rather than buying resale like on StubHub or whatever). We got good tickets, and all I had to do was buy a t-shirt and the album, so it wasn't excessive or anything. But I sure hate trying to get the music from another website and imported into iTunes. I suppose if I did it more often I'd get better at it.

T. went off with A.'s sitter; A. hung out with me until it was time to drive down to see Despicable Me 3, which was excellent. The first movie got him the girls. The second movie married him. The third movie got him a twin brother. Pretty fun! And a unicorn! Sort of. :-) I love that she was flexible enough to love the critter that showed up to eat her bait in the Crooked Forest.

A.'s iPad was low battery in the car so I tried to charge it to no avail. The phone charged fine. After the movie, I stopped at an Apple Store. It charged fine on the chargers plugged into the wall, so I went home, where it charged fine. Apparently, the AUX connector in my car will charge a phone but not a tablet. Who knew? I'm going to try the lighter socket next, but I need to dig out an adapter to test that.

R. and I went to Rapscallion for dinner, where we had a lovely time despite the heat (their AC was having some challenges). They have good cherries now! I talked to C. briefly about how he made them; I want to try that, and I want to try making some cardamom bitters. I've ordered some cardamom seeds (I thought I had some, but I only have coriander seeds) and some saffron threads. Recipes say vodka, but I'm thinking I'll just find a nice strong whisky and use that instead. I also need to figure out how hard I want to try to get sour cherries vs. whatever happens to be at the store.

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