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I used to get a lot of inadvertent phone calls. My last name starts with an A., so in my friends' flip phone contact lists, I was often the first entry. There was a pause on that, but in the last week, I've started getting inadvertent phone calls and texts.

One of those -- yesterday afternoon while walking with M., -- was straightforwardly from my sister. I got to hear whatever was going on in the background of her life until I hung up. This morning, I noticed that I had a phone call AND VOICEMAIL from an unrecognized phone number (one not in my contact list and therefore listed as a number, not a name). At 1 a.m. in the morning (this is why I have DND turned on -- don't worry, if you really need to reach me and you know me, you can blast right through that with two phone calls in quick succession. Altho if you _do_ reach me during my DND period of the day and I decide I didn't like that, I will then specifically DND your numbers so that will stop working. Use your powers for good.).

I have also been receiving text messages from the same phone number. I pretty rapidly tracked it back to a group SMS from my sister-in-law. It wasn't my sister-in-law inadvertently contacting me tho. THAT would have showed up with her name. It was one of the other people she had texted pictures of her kids to (graduation and 8th grade completion photos. Gorgeous kids, we just saw them and they are every bit as sweet and smart as they are gorgeous. Sister-in-law and her husband make beautiful people). Specifically, the person contacting us is my husband's sister's husband's mother. My sister-in-law's mother-in-law.

Now, I'm a Certain Kind of Person. I'm the kind of person who will do _your_ genealogy for free, and tell you funny stories about your great-great-great something or other. You would _think_ I would already have my sister-in-law's mother-in-law in my contact list. And I have met her, and my husband worked with her to get a copy of one of her sculptures (metal) (Dancing Miriam -- it was a wedding gift from my husband), and I have one of her small oil paintings hanging not ten feet from me in my kitchen as I write this. And yet, I had no contact information for her.

I have contact information for her now! :-) All I need is a snail mail address, and she's gonna start getting our annual holiday card. This is what happens if you butt dial me in 2017.

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