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I had two sitters today. I walked with M. in the afternoon (Thursday morning she has another regular activity). I got a long walk as well. I had a lovely phone conversation with J. I wasn't expecting this -- it's going to be tricky during the summer because of kids, but so far, so good.

A. had play therapy. Her new Lammily doll and a few outfits had arrived, so I sent them with her and the sitter to play therapy. Everyone likes the new doll, and apparently that (and another smaller doll) enabled some really good conversations about power, jealousy and control, as well as travel and things like when will her body start changing. Who knew dolls could be so empowering!

Generally speaking, I think criticisms of Barbie tend to miss all the wonderful things that Barbie brought to little girls over the decades: an ability to imagine oneself in any number of careers, vs. the preceding toy (baby doll) which firmly invoked "get married and have babies and nurture". However, Lammily doll in hand, I now feel a lot of what I _wasn't_ letting myself feel about the awful proportions of Barbie that set people off (honestly, I do not care about all the pink. A. loves pink. I'm not prepared to argue). I had not felt that way when encountering other Barbie doll replacements, but Lammily is _very_ satisfying. So, yay! Hopefully it will thrive in the world of commerce and kids' toys, which is a very challenging arena.

Once a year, we have a photographer (the same photographer for 8 years now, I think) come to the house and take pictures of the kids. She came and took pictures, which is always fun, and I'm looking forward to sharing those pictures as we do annually at the holidays.

It was a busy day and I was quite tired at the end of it, having cleaned the kitchen, run roomba in most of the downstairs, and cleaned three bathrooms. None of it done particularly well, nevertheless, it was a lot of work on top of everything else.

ETA: T. went to see Transformers: the Last Knight and is now pronouncing all of his vowels really weird, probably because he is attempting to sound like Anthony Hopkins. He is not succeeding, altho it is a little humorous.

A. went to Nara in the morning and early afternoon.

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