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The kids went off with their sitters. It's a beautiful day. R. went to work early. The sitters showed up around 10. But the kids were really agreeable and easy to deal with. A. caught up on new episodes of Doc McStuffins and Powerpuff Girls. We all had breakfast. I made blondies and did some laundry. I also went through the paper that came back from this trip (receipts, brochures, ticket stubs, etc.) and rather than shove them all into the gargantuan travel file, I actually took pictures of them, threw them away and put the pictures in an album on Flickr with the ride photos and cell phone pictures I took on the trip. I like the result so much I'm now eying the travel folder and thinking about maybe doing that with the enormous backlog of paper from previous trips. Way better than having 3 ring binders full of this stuff, imo, and a lot easier to do / less time consuming than I had expected it to be. Oh, and I downloaded the ride photos, obviously.

I'm going to scrounge up some lunch and then probably head out on another longer walk by myself. I have a phone call scheduled in about an hour.

Last night I ordered a bunch of stuff I'd delayed ordering because of the trip (clothes for A., replacement baby aspirin and zyrtec for me). This morning I ordered T. some replacement Croc slides because his are cracked pretty severely. I have been trying to order replacement pink crocs for A., but am having trouble finding the right size and color. Then I remembered there were some pink / purple glitter crocs in her closet and got them out and realized they are the right size. So that's cool.

I did indeed get the longer walk. The Echo Show arrived, so that was fun to set up. A canvasser with Mass Saves came by. Even tho we had had an assessment done back in 2009 or 2010 or thereabouts, they apparently want to do this about every 5 years. I'm not going to complain. I have a hard time imagining what they might find, but I guess that's why they do the assessment.

Alexa now has (for about a month or two) the ability to connect with the Apple calendar. So that's kind of cool. That is the first time I've set up an app specific password for Apple, also.

I'm going to have to figure out a place to relocate the main Amazon Echo. I put the Show next to my recliner. I already had a small problem in the upstairs hall where the Dot and the Echo sometimes both could hear me. Problems of abundance, I guess? Or at least the problems associated with really liking gadgetry.
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